Graduate Success Story - Chris Robin

In order to better meet the needs of his growing family, Chris Robin sought an educational path that would enable him to change careers.

“It was a perfect storm of events that brought me to CCP,” he said.

The owner of his own yoga studio in Northern Liberties, Chris was seeking more financial security after the birth of his second son. The College’s Nursing program provided a quick entrance to an in-demand profession.

“In three years, I’ll have received an associate degree and be eligible to take my exam to become a licensed Registered Nurse. It set me up for a good position in life,” he said.

During his time in the program, the clinical rotation in community health left a lasting impression. He spent time helping individuals in Kensington who were suffering from addiction, and assisted in vaccinating residents against COVID-19.

“It was amazing—we were helping people survive. It was an eye-opening experience, and it was an incredible feeling. Through Philadelphia FIGHT, I was at a site that vaccinated 180 people in a few hours. Some of them were crying with joy,” said Chris.

He is applying to bachelor’s degree programs in nursing and plans to start his studies again in the fall. Ultimately, because of his experiences at the College, he sees himself pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health.

He praised the Nursing faculty for all of the help and support they give students in the program, including with job preparation, letters of recommendation and ongoing assistance.

“The faculty are fabulous. They really care,” said Chris.

Nursing faculty have made sure that students will still have their traditional Nursing Pinning ceremony, via an online gathering on May 6. Faculty and students will have the opportunity to interact with each other virtually, recite the professional nursing oath and celebrate their accomplishments. The next day, students will have a scheduled time to drive up to a designated area at Main Campus and receive their nursing pin from faculty, with safety protocols in place.

“After being in quarantine for the last year and a half, it feels like this ceremony is not only a celebration of my first accomplishment in the health care industry, but a celebration of what the health care industry has done for our world. We are all moving forward,” said Chris.

He also offers advice for anyone thinking of enrolling at the College.

“Do it. It was an awesome experience. The school did a great job moving us forward and getting us prepared when we started,” said Chris.