Economic Impact on Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia, as well as its staff and students, contribute millions of dollars each year to the local and state economy, boosting revenues and strengthening Philadelphia’s tax base. Consider these facts:

  • 78% of our graduates are employed in Philadelphia, and 93% work in the Greater Philadelphia region.
  • Philadelphia receives a net of $87.1 million in added labor and non-labor income due to our operations each year.
  • The College spent $52.1 million in fiscal year 2012–13 for supplies and services, much of which was spent in Philadelphia.
  • The College generates about $9.7 million in added tax revenues each year.
  • Spending by nonlocal students from the College generates approximately $1.3 million in added income for the city each year.
  • The activities of our student body will generate approximately $64.1 million in labor income in the state economy each year.

Combined direct and indirect (multiplier) effect of student and College expenditures: 

College operations spending effect:  $87,053,000
Student spending effect:  $1,346,000
Total spending effect:   $88,399,000
Student productivity effect:  $331,988,000
Grand total:    $420,387,000