Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

Message to the College Community

Dr. GeneralsDear faculty, staff and students:

Community College of Philadelphia is committed to the development of a campus environment that welcomes, celebrates and promotes respect for all. In our commitment to build a more inclusive campus community—one that understands, accepts and embraces the value of diversity among students, faculty and staff—we seek to include knowledge and values from many cultures through comprehensive and broad initiatives. As the city's College, we must continue to create environments where Philadelphians can come together with both experts and peers to hold dialogue about systemic racial inequity. 

In fulfilling this commitment, we have created the Enough is Enough Teach-in Series. This series seeks to eliminate discrimination and promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the College community. The series works toward creating an environment that understands and values diversity. From recommended strategies, methods of prevention, applied practices and a direct call to action, we are educating and demanding justice while learning how we can hold our leaders accountable.  

Enough is Enough began as a four-part series created in direct response to the atrocities and civil unrest in our communities that occurred immediately following the death of Mr. George Floyd in May 2020. It was our goal to create a safe space for people to receive valuable information and hear firsthand assessments of systemic racism. Topics focused on police reform, privilege vs. injustice, the transgender community and allyship. The series has grown tremendously, reaching more than 4,000 people and receiving positive media attention. This resourceful website includes recommended readings, a video library, and information about past and upcoming sessions. It has transitioned into a full College-wide initiative that supports the College’s goals of being an institution that champions diversity and equity across every facet of the College. 

We strive to exhibit a sense of community and solidarity that includes impartiality among all systems and institutions we encounter. Solidarity is not sympathy; it is a conscious decision to effect change. Since May 2020, we've seen small bouts of justice for those like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, but the fight continues. We understand the work does not end here. We still recognize the need to educate and deescalate situations where we see the trepidations of racism. In 2022, we will be adding a sixth pillar to the College’s Strategic Plan. For many years, innovative work in this area has taken place throughout the College community, however, adding this pillar to the Strategic Plan signals the College’s uncompromising commitment to diversity, equitable outcomes and inclusion. This pillar will seek to address ways we can equitably grow and impact the work taking place throughout the College and the city at large.  

We stand to eradicate racial discrimination, callousness, xenophobia, myopic thinking and unwarranted hatred. Through this series and all of our DEI initiatives, we will continue to amplify our voices as we remember and say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and far too many others on this appalling list of the murder victims of racism. None of us can breathe until we are all allowed to breathe freely from the horrors of racism.  

Community College of Philadelphia stands in continued solidarity with you. 


Donald Guy Generals, Ed.D.


I Stand in Solidarity


Enough Is Enough Teach-in Series

Following is the Enough is Enough teach-in series schedule through June 2022. Save the dates! Zoom links will be provided in advance of each session. Sessions will be held at 11 a.m. We encourage you to join us and spread the word.

Understanding Redistricting and Gerrymandering

Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2022 | 11 a.m.

Watch a Recording of this Session

Gerrymandering, the practice of drawing districts to favor one political party or racial group, skews election results, makes races less competitive, hurts communities of color and thwarts the will of the voters. Democracy should work for all citizens, and this practice makes many Americans feel that their voices do not matter. Instead of drawing a line in our neighborhoods, let’s learn how to draw the line on this unfair advantage, which weakens our impact and our ability to initiate change and progress.

In partnership with the Institute for Community Engagement and Civic Leadership, this session explored gerrymandering, the history of redistricting in America and how it has disproportionally affected communities of color. The engaging discussion was led by special guest moderator and CNN analyst, Laura Coates.

Standing together in solidarity in the midst of racial divide continues to be an effective path forward. Community College of Philadelphia stands together in solidarity, and we stand together with you.

Hosted by: Dr. Donald Guy Generals, President, Community College of Philadelphia

Moderated by: Laura Coates, Senior Legal Analyst and Radio Host, CNN and SiriusXM

Featured Speakers:

  • Carol Kuniholm, Co-founder and Chair, Fair Districts PA
  • Ricardo Almodovar, PA State Coordinator, Campus Vote Project/Fair Elections Center
  • Gary Mullin, Associate Professor of Political Science, Community College of Philadelphia
  • Omar Sabir, City Commissioner, City of Philadelphia
Addressing Mental Health in Communities of Color (Mental Health Awareness Month)

May 17

Virtual Solidarity Walk (anniversary of George Floyd's death)

May 25

The Sound of Music (Black Music Month and the two-year anniversary of the Enough is Enough series)

June 15

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