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For students, understanding current world events is paramount for success in today’s global economy. Many faculty members have participated in grant-funded professional development workshops around the world, bringing back knowledge that is then integrated into several course areas. The College also offers study abroad opportunities for students each year, allowing them to study a foreign language, explore historical sites and experience another country and culture firsthand. The Center for International Understanding provides a structural framework upon which the College can further its achievements in promoting international understanding. 


Community College of Philadelphia’s Center for International Understanding promotes knowledge and appreciation of a diverse and interdependent world. The Center encourages and supports the integration of international content into courses and curricula, as well as student and faculty experiential learning abroad. To foster student achievement and enrichment, the Center supports faculty development and research. Drawing upon rich resources within the College and among outside organizations, businesses and individuals, the Center initiates and sustains projects to benefit the entire College community and to serve local, national and international needs.

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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and the Annihilation of Caste

A Lecture by Dr. Satyanarayana Kusuma | Join us on Zoom

Join us for the first talk in the lecture series, Caste in South Asia: Past & Present. Dr. Kusuma will address the role of caste in modern India as seen in the debate between Dr. B. R Ambedkar, Indian jurist and the father of the current Indian Constitution, and Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. Kusuma will discuss their debates in the 1930s, Ambedkar's rejoinders to Gandhi, and the relevance of this debate for contemporary India.


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International Scholarship Opportunities: Study Globally!

Join us on Zoom

Students and faculty are invited to learn about upcoming opportunities to apply for scholarships to study a critical need language and/or to study abroad. This session will feature a presentation on programs such as the Critical Language Overseas Scholarship, the Critical Language Spark Scholarship, the Gilman Study Abroad Scholarships, the Gilman-McCain Scholarship, Project GO ROTC and others. Two current students who were awarded the CLS Spark Scholarship and one student who was awarded the CLS Overseas Scholarship will discuss the process of applying for the scholarships, studying Chinese and Arabic, and plans for future study abroad. Join David Prejsnar, director of the College's Center for International Understanding, to learn more about these opportunities.


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The Importance of World Languages for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Join us in person in the West Building, Room W4-03, or on Zoom

Community College of Philadelphia has made a strategic commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across the College. The study of world languages plays a crucial role in advancing DEI at the College, as well as preparing students for the workforce of tomorrow. Please join Prof. Massimo Musumeci, department head for World Languages, to learn about the variety of languages offered at the College, and how they can contribute to career and transfer goals. Students can bring questions about which languages are offered at the College, and how these languages can fit into their academic and career plans.


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Rule Through Blood: Kinship, Land and Power in Early India

A Lecture by Dr. Mekola Gomes | Join Us on Zoom

Dr. Mekola Gomes of Amherst College will explore some of the roots of power differentiation in ancient India. This is part of the spring lecture series, Caste in South Asia: Past and Present.


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From Philadelphia to Brazil: A CCP International Studies Major's Journey

Join Us on Zoom

Are you curious about a career in U.S. diplomacy? Do you want to know what it is like to work and live beyond U.S. borders? If yes, we invite you to listen to Aminata Sy, a graduate of CCP's International Studies program, who will share her journey from being a CCP student to serving as an American diplomat in Brazil. This presentation will help you to figure out if majoring in International Studies is right for you, and will provide practical advice to current International Studies majors. 

Speakers: Aminata Sy, Political Officer, U.S. Embassy Brasalia; Ben Baker, International Studies coordinator



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What better way to immerse yourself in another culture than by traveling abroad? The College offers several opportunities for students to experience a true study abroad experience.


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