Ready to Accomplish New Goals: 2024 Student Speaker Moo Muhammad

Apr 26, 2024

Arriving at the College in the fall of 2022, Moo Muhammad followed the advice of his mentor, whom he met by chance while working as an Uber driver.

"She encouraged me to return to school and suggested a degree in Cybersecurity," said Moo.

Not wanting to rely on family yet not making quite enough for rent, Moo decided to live out of his car while going to school. Close friends were there to help when he occasionally needed a place to stay, and they offered support and encouragement.

He is now graduating with High Honors and a degree in Cybersecurity, and will begin his bachelor's degree in Computing and Security Technology at Drexel University. With this career, Moo will work to protect sensitive data and information systems to ensure privacy and integrity in the digital space.

"I'm here to protect everyone from the dangers of the internet," he said.

Extremely involved in College life, Moo was a member of the Chess, Math, and Cybersecurity clubs; the Latin American Student Organization; Philadelphia L.E.A.D.S. – The Student Leadership Society; the National Society for Black Engineers; and Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. He was also awarded the N.B.C.U. Academy Scholarship, the Renaissance Scholarship from the Beygood Foundation, and the Drexel Promise Scholarship.

Moo balanced academics and activities at CCP with his work as a career services consultant, personal trainer, and tutor. He sought services at the College, including counseling, single-stop, and career services, and he helped other students navigate resources and processes. He also offers advice to those looking to apply to school.

"I began researching when others asked questions, and I found the answers about education, scholarships, and navigating the College," he said.

Previously, he was enrolled at Delaware County Community College but dropped out three times.

"The first time I dropped out was due to immaturity; the second, time management; and the third was due to the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

From all of his experiences, Moo has learned that "you cannot create a perfect plan for anything, but you can create contingencies. Be flexible."

Looking forward to his program and joining organizations at Drexel, Moo ultimately wants to earn a Ph.D. He appreciates the resources and individuals at CCP who helped him along the way.

"I would recommend CCP because you can build a foundation of friends, family, and a professional network needed for the next College and beyond. Thanks to mentors, friends, and faculty, I've been prepared extremely well," said Moo.