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Biotechnology Proficiency Certificate

Biotechnology will prepare you for a career as a technician in the pharmaceutical industry, research facilities, university settings and small research companies. There you will use cutting-edge skills in exciting and rapidly changing high technology fields, such as medicine, energy solutions, food processing and production.

Program Highlights

  • Gain skills in common laboratory tasks, such as solution preparation, electrophoresis, microbial growth and column chromatography.
  • Build the skills you need for a career with a biotechnology company through a curriculum validated by biotechnology industries.
  • Develop a working knowledge of industry regulations and guidelines, such as standards for good laboratory practice (GLP), biosafety and personal safety.
  • Understand the scientific principles and basic practical skills employed in the manufacture of biological materials via the fermentation process.
Certificate Program Prepares You for The Next Level

Biotechnology Proficiency

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