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If you were following the #FergusonPHL hashtag last night (and if you haven’t, do go back and take a look), it was the DN and Inky reporters — and, notably, The Vanguard, the student newspaper of Community College of Philadelphia — who consistently had the most solid, clear-headed information. And in a situation like this, that is the thing of the most value — both for the protestors on the ground and everyone else. Their efforts can’t be underestimated in keeping the Philly protest now a national model for each of us.

On Monday night, what started as a small statement read by a small clergy group, turned into a larger event an hour later with hundreds gathering on the North side of City Hall. The crowd of hundreds of Philadelphians marched south on Broad Street then east on South St. towards the river, accompanied by a swarm of bicycle police.

“Ollie Johnson was a mentor to me during the time I was at Community College of Philadelphia. He was a father figure to me. Fran Dunphy is a father figure to a lot of players. It was pivotal to incorporate him because there are a lot of players who don’t have dads that look up to him.”

Mayor Nutter himself pointed out the timeliness of the announcement yesterday during the poverty summit at Community College of Philadelphia, designed not only to bring organizations together but to provide the first status update of the work of the city’s poverty office, the Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment.

Tammira Stewart, 26, a native of St. Louis studying at Community College of Philadelphia, spoke in front of a wall of police officers blocking the detective division's front doors.
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