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#MillionStudentMarch activists want their demands met now — free college, the dissolution of all existing college debt, and a $15 per hour minimum wage for campus workers

The reason for the change in Gardot's performance style is partly a physical one. At 19, while studying fashion at the Community College of Philadelphia, she was knocked off her bicycle by a Jeep.

Students from Drexel, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, the Community College of Philadelphia and area high schools are marching from their respective school to City Hall.

Mon 30

Oregon made community college free after high school for all residents in July, and Tennessee initiated free community college for state residents a year ago. The Community College of Philadelphia also eliminated all tuition and fees for low-income students in April.

The Black-owned and Philadelphia-based production company, Go Believe, is traveling the region to inspire students to pursue their education at all costs, with an original play, “Karma 101.”

A pilot program to expand federal financial aid to high school students taking college courses will make college more affordable and accessible for low-income students, Pennsylvania community college officials said.