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Cabrini already partners with several other accredited colleges in the Philadelphia area, including Delaware County Community College and Community College of Philadelphia.

The African American Children’s Book Fair is one of the oldest and largest single-day events for African-American children’s books in the country, with an average yearly attendance of more than 3,500.

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As a young man, Steele, now 49, worked for 10 years in the restaurant business.But he made his career in database administration, which led him to a job at Amtrak. Life in what he calls "a cube farm" bored him. In his office, "I could see a little bit of sky.". . .Then, he said, he spun his wheels "metaphorically and literally," in setting up the business. That's when he enrolled in Community College of Philadelphia's three-month Mobile Food Management course. "That was really helpful," he said. The profs taught him about food, marketing, and bureaucracy.

My first year at CCP was deeply uplifting, the inverse of those months on the couch. Each lecture left me electrified. And that was great, because between coursework and rent-paying work, I had little time for anything else.

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