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Through his work with the Community College of Philadelphia and Drexel University, Bracali has also engaged his students to help identify and propose development of potential skatepark locations and determine how skate space can be incorporated into the design of public mixed-use space.

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Community colleges have become a kitchen-table topic for Middle America. President Obama's surprise proposal during his State of the Union speech to provide free tuition for students willing to work hard began a conversation about the value of community colleges to our economy and the overall health of our communities.

As mayor, I will also develop a greater partnership between Philadelphia's business community and the Community College of Philadelphia to improve the curriculum so that students are getting the training and skills necessary to get a job after two years of study.

Today on Radio Times, Marty is joined by three area students who are the first in their families to attend college -

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Kindly RSVP to join us at a special reception for Dr. Donald Generals on Friday, May 1, 2015 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Pavilion Building, Klein Cube.

After graduate school, Rimmer taught in the Philadelphia public school system, the Community College of Philadelphia and West Chester University before earning a second master’s degree in applied math at the University of Delaware — which allowed him to return to Penn to teach full time in 2006.

The motto for the Community College of Philadelphia is “The Path to Possibilities.” And boy oh boy is that true now. Community College of Philadelphia alumna, Deesha Dyer has been appointed as the new White House social secretary.

She joined the White House in 2009 as a 31-year-old intern in the office of scheduling and advance. She was brought on full-time a year later, beginning as associate director for scheduling correspondence and working her way up to deputy social secretary in 2013.

She began in the White House in 2009, as an intern in the Office of Scheduling and Advance. Two years earlier she had gone back to school to earn an associate degree in women’s studies from a community college in Philadelphia, after working as an assistant at a real estate investment trust and writing freelance articles about rap music for publications like The Philadelphia City Paper.