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Prior Learning Assessment

Community College of Philadelphia helps students succeed by awarding college credit for their learning achieved outside the traditional college classroom. Credit is awarded for learning that matches a particular course in your program of study. Course credit based on prior learning is given at the discretion of the department offering the course. Not all departments offer these options.

Ways to Earn College Credit for Prior Learning

Technical Studies Program

The Technical Studies program is designed for students who seek a degree that recognizes work and experience as part of college learning. Refer to the Technical Studies page for more information.

Credit By Exam

Students may receive credit for some courses by taking a standardized exam, such as CLEP, or a departmental challenge exam. Learn more about the credit by exam options.

Evaluation of Noncredit or Alternative Learning

Professional training programs such as the police academy, military training, noncredit courses, and other career and technical programs may be eligible for college credit. Refer to PLA for Veterans or Evaluation of Noncredit Learning for more information. Students may also develop a portfolio for individual assessment of college-level learning for some courses. Prior authorization must be obtained from the academic department in which the course is taught via College Credit Fast Track in order to pursue this assessment.