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Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate

The courses in the Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate are closely linked to professional certification from Comp TIA and Microsoft, and engage students in both the development of technical skills needed to support and maintain computer networks, and the application of analytical skills needed to analyze and manage computer networks. When completed, the courses may be applied to the Computer Information Systems Information Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree or the Management of Computer Information Technology Associate in Arts Degree.

Student Learning Outcomes:
After completing the courses in the Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Analyze, diagnose and repair common problems with the Windows operating system on a personal computer and on a network sever.
  • Determine the hardware and software needs for a common local area network (LAN) of personal computers, including the time needed to setup the network and the costs involved.
  • Set up and maintain a common local area network (LAN) of personal computers with the proper equipment.
  • Install and manage user accounts on a personal computer system and on a local area network (LAN) of personal computers.
  • Install and support peripheral equipment, such as printers, on a local area network (LAN) of personal computers.

Entrance Requirements:
Students who possess personal computer application skills may test out of CIS 103 - Applied Computer Technology. Students who wish to seek employment as systems analysts may also complete CIS 270 - Systems Analysis and Design.

Network and Systems Administration Proficiency Certificate Course Sequence

Course Number Course Title Prerequisites Credits
CIS 103 Applied Computer Technology   3
CIS 105 Computer Systems Maintenance   4
CIS 150 Network Technology   4
CIS 252 Windows Server Administration CIS 150 4
CIS 204 Linux and Unix Operating Systems or CIS 104 or CIS 105 3/4
CIS 253 Windows Active Directory Services CIS 252  
Total Credits: 18 or 19

Successful Completion:
Successful completion of the program requires a "C" grade or better in each of the courses listed above. In order to receive a "C" grade or better and thus demonstrate competency, students must complete assignments, exams and participate in class activities.

For More Information Contact:
The Division of Business and Technology, Room C1-9, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, Telephone (215) 496-6164.

Industry Certification Preparation:

  • Microsoft Office Users Specialist certification in Word and Excel
  • Microsoft Windows Professional Certification Exam
  • Microsoft Windows Server Administration Certification Exam
  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory Services Certification Exam

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