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Facility Management - Construction Option


The Facility Management program leads to an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Facility Management. Facility Managers are the people who plan and manage the buildings, grounds and systems of large businesses and institutions. Often working behind the scenes, as a group they are involved in a broad array of activities: planning, management, finance and real estate, design, and building operations issues, including security and communications. The field is rapidly professionalizing, and opportunities abound in this highly-regarded industry. This program provides students with a foundational education addressing the multi-disciplinary character of the field, thereby allowing for diverse job opportunities. The core of the Facility Management curriculum addresses gaining the basic technical knowledge of construction materials, processes and systems, as well as the business management and real estate areas.

The Facility Management – Construction Option is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position as a facility manager or construction manager. Their construction knowledge may be applied in overseeing the building of new or renovated facilities, the installation of updated systems, or determining the construction issues related to expansion or new uses. They will work closely with those in the design areas. In any of these roles, the students will be prepared to interact with the senior management of their employer, dealing with multiple real estate issues.

The Construction Option focuses on construction and management issues specific to the building and renovating process, such as the installation of updated systems and finishes, building codes, cost estimating, and scheduling and contracting. This program gives the student an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of building construction, such as interpreting construction documents and specifications, understanding construction contracts, creating construction cost estimates, scheduling and managing building projects, and being familiar with the technical aspects of building materials and systems.

The Facility Management program also offers a Design Option (listed separately) that focuses on developing a student’s planning and design skills to apply on both new and renovated buildings.

Students who are interested in the program are encouraged to consult an advisor within the program for a more detailed explanation of the two options. Also, the program has a set of core courses which are common to both degrees. Students who are unsure as to which option they would like to pursue may wish to begin with those courses which are required by both options, so that they may change their option more easily at a later point.

The Facility Management program is accredited by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • Interpret architectural and construction drawings and documents.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various building materials and methods and related building technologies.
  • Utilize computer systems for communication in technical drafting and documentation, project planning and management.
  • Apply basic principles of planning, management and real estate practice.
  • Communicate effectively and work as part of a team, using graphic, oral and written modes.

Program Entry Requirements:

Students are required to take the College’s placement tests at the time of entry. Students identified as needing developmental course work must satisfactorily complete the appropriate English and mathematics courses in addition to the requirements of their degree program.

Program of Study and Graduation Requirements:

To qualify for the A.A.S. degree in Facility Management, a student must complete a minimum of 62 credits as prescribed and attain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (“C” average).

Facility Management - Construction Option Course Sequence

Course Number and Name Prerequisites and Corequisites Credits Gen Ed Req.

First Semester

ADC 101 – Introduction to Design and Construction   3 Tech Comp*
ADC 103 – CAD Basics   3 Tech Comp*
ADC 136 – Construction Safety and Building Codes   3  
ENGL 101 – English Composition I   3 ENGL 101
MATH 137 - Geometry for Design (or higher MATH1)   3 Mathematics

Second Semester

ADC 112 – Construction Materials and Detailing: Properties ADC 103 or ADC 109 3  
ADC 163 – Digital Documentation in Architecture and Construction ADC 103 3  
MNGT 121 – Introduction to Business   3  
ENGL 102 – The Research Paper ENGL 101 with a grade of “C” or better 3 ENGL 102, Info Lit
ECON 182 – Principles of Economics   3 Soc Sci

Third Semester

ADC 146 – Construction Supervision & Business Practices ADC 101 3  
ADC 236 – Construction Cost Estimating I ADC 101 3  
ADC 246 – Contracts and Specifications ADC 101 3  
ADC 253 – Environmental Systems I ADC 101 and ADC 103 or ADC 109 3  
Humanities Elective   3 Humanities

Fourth Semester

ADC 254 – Environmental Systems II ADC 253 3  
ADC 261 – Construction Management and Scheduling ADC 246 3  
RE 101 – Real Estate Fundamentals   3  
Management Elective Choose one:

MNGT 141 –Principles of Management
MNGT 142 – Management Information Systems
MNGT 262 – Business Law
MNGT 121 3  
Science Elective1   3/4 Natural Science

Minimum Credits Needed to Graduate: 60


General Education Requirements:

All General Education requirements are met through required courses (as indicated above) except for the Writing Intensive, Interpretive Studies and American/Global Diversity requirement. Therefore, in order to graduate, students in this program must choose one course that is designated Writing Intensive, one course that is designated Interpretive Studies and one course that is designated American/Global Diversity. The same course may be used to fulfill all three requirements. View the courses that fulfill all degree requirements and receive a more detailed explanation of the College's general education requirements to help in your selection.

* Students must complete ADC 101 and ADC 103 to meet the Technological Competency requirement.

1Transfer institutions vary on the courses accepted for transfer. Consult transfer agreements and departmental advisors or the specific schools to determine choice.

For More Information Contact:

The Division of Liberal Studies, Room BR-21, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, Telephone (215) 751-8450; or the College Information Center (215) 751-8010.