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Biomedical Technician Training Courses

BTT 100: Introduction to Biomedical Technology

Credit Hours: 1

This course provides students with the basic knowledge, practical laboratory skills and experience needed to engage successfully in the two laboratory internships that follow: BTT 101 and BTT 201. Topics covered include lab safety, the role of a laboratory research technician, the laboratory notebook, general research lab organization and procedures, the care and use of common laboratory instrumentation, solutions, reagents, buffers, pH, cell cultures, proteins and nucleic acids (isolation, purification and analysis), and microscopy. This course takes place at The Wistar Institute or a comparable research laboratory.
Prerequisites: ENGL 101, BIOL 123 and FNMT 118 or MATH 118 or MATH 161 or higher placement.
Additional course fee: $135.

BTT 101 Biomedical Technician Training Practicum

Credit Hours: 2

Hands-on experience with data record keeping, laboratory tasks and routines, and the use and maintenance of lab equipment and reagents. Includes 35 hours per week of in-depth skills training in various resource laboratories at The Wistar Institute or a comparable research laboratory.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Biomedical Training academic coordinator and completion of the Orientation to Biomedical Technology.