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Special Events


Outings and Events


Golf Outing

Community College of Philadelphia's annual golf classic has been a much anticipated fundraising event for more than 17 years. The outing brings people from all over the region together to support the College while enjoying a wonderful day of golf at the acclaimed Commonwealth National Golf Club. All proceeds benefit the College's students and programs.

For more information, contact Anne McGrath at 215.751.8022.

I-Pledge - Student Giving

The I-Pledge project is an opportunity for students to honor a person, such as a faculty member, who has helped them along their educational journey, and an opportunity to help a fellow student.  Students are encouraged to make a donation toward the Colonial Spirit Scholarship and note who has inspired them during their experience at Community College of Philadelphia.

I-Pledge Bash

Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Students who donate toward the Colonial Spirit Scholarship are invited to a VIP area during the I-Pledge Bash.  The bash will feature great music, games, food and dancing. We love to show our thanks to our student donors!