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Software and Technology Workshops

Microsoft Office Specialist
Microsoft Office Certification

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Training
Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Microsoft Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Excel or Word.

The Microsoft workshops, taught with certified approved courseware, help you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level exam and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert exam. For comprehensive certification training, you should complete the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced workshops.

Microsoft Word Certification

Microsoft Word 2016 – Basic
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Microsoft® Word 2016 helps you create professional-looking documents. First, get acquainted with the Word user interface, creating a new document and finding help. Next, learn how to create, edit and format simple documents; add tables and lists, plus design elements and layout options; and proof documents. Finally, customize the Word environment to better suit your individual work habits

Microsoft Word 2016 – Intermediate
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Work more efficiently by automating certain tasks and maintaining consistency between documents. Create more complex documents that include lists, tables, charts, graphics, and newsletter layouts. Plus, merge data into documents to personalize correspondence and address envelopes/labels.

Microsoft Word 2016 – Advanced
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
If you work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others, or create forms, learn how Word 2016 can help. Use it to collaborate on complicated documents and manage how they are accessed and distributed. Advanced features enable you to revise, manage and secure your business documents.

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Microsoft Excel Certification

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Basic
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Gain a foundational understanding of the basic functionality in Microsoft® Excel 2016, navigating its environment to perform the basic tasks associated with creating and saving Excel worksheets and exploring the Help system. Use formulas and functions to perform worksheet calculations, then modify those worksheets by manipulating cells and data;  searching for and replacing data; and checking for spelling errors. Format worksheets and prepare them for printing, also working with larger workbooks that contain multiple worksheets. Finally, customize Excel to optimally meet your needs.

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Intermediate
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Build upon the foundational Microsoft® Excel 2016 knowledge and skills you’ve already acquired to create advanced workbooks/worksheets that deepen your firm’s business intelligence. You’ll learn essentials of Excel 2016 including how to create advanced formulas, organize your data into tables, harness the power of PivotTables and PivotCharts and employ slicers to simplify data filtering.

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Advanced
6 hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Your experience to date with Microsoft® Excel 2016 gives you a solid foundation with this software. Now use Excel to actually solve problems for your business. This course covers Excel’s more advanced features—automating common tasks, auditing workbooks to avoid errors, sharing your data with others, analyzing data and using Excel data in other applications.

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Introduction to QuickBooks
Intuit Quickbooks Certification

Get Going with QuickBooks 2017
6 Hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition $154, Text: $25)
Depending on our business type, you may need to invoice customers, record payments, pay vendor bills and manage inventory. QuickBooks is a tool for automating those tasks that you already perform as a business owner or bookkeeper. This introduction to using QuickBooks class covers its basic features, enables hands-on practice and saves you time in organizing business finances.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of accounting and the computer operating system you are using are recommended.

Keep Going with QuickBooks 2017
6 Hours; Fee: $179 (Tuition: $154, Text: $25)
Now go beyond the basic concepts to discover QuickBooks' useful features and applications. You'll learn how to enter new memorized transactions, customize forms, track sales tax, share files with an accountant, and estimate job costing. Plus, complete practical exercises to create reports, graphs, and prepare payroll. Perfect for small business owners and bookkeepers seeking optimize QuickBooks.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of accounting, QuickBooks, and the computer operating system you are using are recommended.

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Autodesk AutoCAD Certification

AutoCAD for Professionals I
24 hours; Fee: $564 (Tuition: $469, Text: $95)
This introductory workshop gives professionals an understanding of the basics of AutoCAD. Students will learn about the AutoCAD environment and the following commands: basic drawing, redraw and regen, edit, coordinate systems, zooms and pans, layers, text, dimensioning, hatch, pline, pedit, view, viewpoint, blocks, and explode. Lab exercises are an integral part of the workshop. Students will produce prototype drawings that will be plotted or printed. Class size is limited. Students should have a basic understanding of a Microsoft Windows environment, basic keyboarding skills and computer knowledge. The small class size allows each participant an opportunity for instructor input and assistance.

Who should attend: This introductory workshop is intended for architects, carpenters, engineers, draftsmen, interior designers or others interested in utilizing the AutoCAD environment for drawing, drafting or planning.

AutoCAD for Professionals II
24 hours; Fee: $469
This workshop exposes professionals to advanced techniques in AutoCAD, building on prior knowledge of content and skills identified in Level I, and enables them to deal with increased complexity in the CAD environment. Participants will increase their skills in the areas of drawing, editing and dimensioning. The workshop introduces three dimensional (3D) drawing; creating wire frames, surface and solid modeling; and AutoCAD’s powerful customization techniques; as well as introducing Autolisp and the presentation possibilities within Autoshade, Auto Lfix and 3D Studio.

Prerequisite: AutoCAD for Professionals Level I or level of knowledge and skills presented in Level I workshop.

Who should attend: This workshop is for those individuals who want to learn more advanced or customized techniques. If you do not have a book from Level I, you will need to purchase the text before beginning this workshop.

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