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The tragic shooting in Oregon serves as a sobering reminder that safety and security is both our individual and collective responsibility, and each of us contributes in important ways.

Over the weekend, the FBI and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) notified all area colleges and universities of social media posts directing threats of violence at an institution of higher learning near Philadelphia on Monday, October 5. While there is no threat against a specific college or university, the advisory reminds us we must vigorously monitor our surroundings and work together to keep the city safe.

The College’s Department of Safety and Security has increased security and is working with the Philadelphia Police Department to increase patrols on the College’s Main Campus and the West, Northwest and Northeast Regional Centers.

Please report suspicious activity to security at (215)751-8111 or call extension 5555 from a College phone. Call 911 to report any active threat to law enforcement.

Online and Hybrid Course Syllabi

Professor Course Course Syllabus
Acosta-Morales, Osvil HUM 101  Humanities 101 Syllabus
Acosta-Morales, Osvil  PHIL 111 Philosophy 111 Syllabus
Altman-Traub, Melissa DIET 111 Introduction to Nutrition 111 Syllabus
Arnold, Kerry BHHS 293 Behavioral Health and Human Services 293 Syllabus 
Brady, Kate ENGL 098 ENGL 098 Syllabus
Bryant, Shawnya COUN 101 Counseling 101 Syllabus
Davis, Alan ACCT 101 Accounting 101 Syllabus
Davis, Alan ACCT 102 Accounting 102 Syllabus

Deangelis, Lawrence

MNGT  262 Management 262 Syllabus
Doyle, Thomas JUS 281 Justice 281 Syllabus
Doyle, Thomas JUS 291 Justice 291 Syllabus
Fellag, Linda ENGL 098/099 English 098 and 099 Syllabus
Fitzwater, Laura ENGL 112 English 112 Syllabus
Garozzo, Joyce AH 103 Allied Health 103 Syllabus
Garozzo, Joyce AH 190 Allied Health 190 Syllabus
Garrity-Benjamin, Deirdre EASC 111 Environmental Conservation 111 Syllabus
Gramlich, Stephen MATH 150 Mathematics 150 Syllabus
Gramlich, Stephen MATH 152 Mathematics 152 Syllabus
Gramlich, Stephen MATH 251 Mathematics 251 Syllabus
Grosset, Jane MATh 251 Mathematics 251 Syllabus
Hackman, Seth GIS 101 Geographic Information System 101 Syllabus
Harris-Brunet, Dani HUM 102 Humanities 102 Syllabus
Harris-Brunet, Dani RS 101 Religion Studies 101 Syllabus
Healey, Elizabeth HIST 102 History 102 Syallabus
Healey, Elizabeth HIST 180

History 180 Syllabus

Healey, James MKTG 131 Marketing 131 Syllabus
Healey, James MNGT 121 Management 121 Syllabus
Koteski, Dorothy AH 204 Allied Health 204 Syllabus
Nagaswami, Girija
ENGL 098/099 English 098 and 099 Syllabus
Nagaswami, Girija ENGL 101 English 101 Syllabus
Nagaswami, Girija ENGL 073 Egnlish 073 Syllabus
Quinn, Thomas JUS 171 Justice 171 Syllabus
Renshaw, David ENGL 102 English 102 Syllabus
Renshaw, David ENGL 205 English 205 Syllabus
Rudoff, Martin ACCT 101 Accounting 101 Syllabus
Russell, Dianna ENGL 102 English 102 Syllabus
Russell, Dianna ENGL 205 English 205 Syllabus
Seymour, Brian ART 103 Art 103 Syllabus
Spadaro, Barbara ENGL 101 English 101 Syllabus
Yoo, Yun MATH 017
Yoo, Yun MATH 251