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Music: Performance and Non-Performance

Learn the Universal Language of the World

Our Music program will increase your musical skills and your knowledge about the rich world of music. You will learn the foundations of music theory, history, composition, practicing techniques and performing traditions; have access to equipment usually found only at a four-year college; gain opportunities to perform in jazz, chorus, orchestra, percussion and chamber ensembles; and have exposure to accomplished performers and artists. Whether you choose the performance or nonperformance degree option, our Music program is perfectly suited for musicians with practical skills, private music teachers who want to enhance their skills, and people who want to learn and study the technical aspects of music.

Performance Degree Option: Students who want to become professional performers, composers or music teachers choose this option. An audition and music theory placement test are required. Private music lessons are included at no additional charge.

Non-Performance Degree Option: Students wishing to develop skill in music but not perform professionally choose this option, which may lead to a teaching career. No audition is required. In this course of study, you will take piano and ensemble classes.

Degree Options

Associate in Arts, and transfer to a four-year college

Career Options

  • Performance: Music teacher, composer or professional performer working with orchestras and opera companies
  • Non-Performance: Teaching music history, theory or composition; working in music libraries, music publishing or with computer software; working in booking agencies, music retail sales and management


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