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Biomedical Technician Proficiency Certificate

In conjunction with The Wistar Institute, a national cancer research center, the College offers the Biomedical Technician proficiency certificate. This certificate provides the only on-site professional biomedical research training in the Philadelphia region for post-high school and undergraduate students, and for persons making a career change to become a biomedical research laboratory assistant.

At Wistar and affiliate institutions, students selected for the Biomedical Technician program receive an orientation to biomedical research technologies from mentors. Laboratory practicum training also takes place at the basic science research institutions, while internships take place in research institutions and at regional biotech and biopharmaceutical companies during the summer sessions. Approximately half of the students who complete this two-year program obtain positions as biomedical research assistants within six months.

Degree Options

Upon receiving your proficiency certificate, you may enter the workforce, or your courses may be applied to the Applied Science and Engineering Technology associate's degree program, and then transfer to a four-year college.

Career Options

  • Biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Academic research centers
  • Nonprofit research institutions
  • Hospitals


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