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The tragic shooting in Oregon serves as a sobering reminder that safety and security is both our individual and collective responsibility, and each of us contributes in important ways.

Over the weekend, the FBI and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) notified all area colleges and universities of social media posts directing threats of violence at an institution of higher learning near Philadelphia on Monday, October 5. While there is no threat against a specific college or university, the advisory reminds us we must vigorously monitor our surroundings and work together to keep the city safe.

The College’s Department of Safety and Security has increased security and is working with the Philadelphia Police Department to increase patrols on the College’s Main Campus and the West, Northwest and Northeast Regional Centers.

Please report suspicious activity to security at (215)751-8111 or call extension 5555 from a College phone. Call 911 to report any active threat to law enforcement.

Photographic Imaging

Visually-enhanced Technology

Capture the world through a camera. You will learn how to use sophisticated cameras, editing technology and processing equipment; work with professional software, including Adobe Photoshop; create photographs in digital and traditional formats; photograph social and corporate events; and develop a portfolio. As a student in the College’s Photographic Imaging program, you will receive training on the same equipment and software used by industry professionals, have access to internship opportunities at professional photo studios and laboratories, get an introduction to developing a photography business, and gain experience working on a video crew.

Degree Options

Associate in Applied Science, and transfer to a four-year college

Career Options

  • Advertising
  • News and magazine industries
  • Professional photo studios or "on location" photo shoots
  • Corporate and web video projects

Transfer Options

Many four-year colleges and universities


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