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Computer-Assisted Design Technology Academic Certificate

Our Computer-Assister Design Technology academic certificate program will teach you how to assist design professionals in architecture, engineering and construction. Upon completing this program, you will know how to translate ideas, sketches and technical information into complete, accurate drawings needed to make buildings, structures or products, as well as how to create renderings and animations or other three-dimensional simulations. This program is perfect for first-time students, current workers desiring more training and those with a background in related technical fields, such as documentation drafters and technicians.

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Degree Options

Upon receiving your academic certificate, you may enter the workforce right away, or your courses may be applied to the Computer-Assisted Design Technology associate's degree program at the College, as well as transfer to a four-year college.

Career Options

  • Drafter
  • Design technician
  • Architecture, engineering or construction design assistant
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