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A Small Pledge, A Big Difference

With as little as $1, Community College of Philadelphia students can make a difference in the lives of peers through the new I Pledge campaign.

Students are able to make a donation honoring an individual—an instructor, administrator, counselor, tutor or peer—who has helped them along their educational path at Community College of Philadelphia. These donations will endow the Colonial Spirit Scholarship, created recently to help deserving students.

"This will be a legacy for our students," said Patti Conroy, associate director, Scholarship Programs. "We are asking for students to give whatever they can, no matter the amount. Hopefully, they’re going to keep giving to the scholarship every year."

Pledges thus far have ranged from $1 to $20.

Student donors this semester will be invited to enjoy carnival-style games at the "I Pledge Spirit Carnival" along with their honoree. The event will be from 5 to 8 p.m. on April 8 in the Great Hall. Those who fulfill their pledges before or during the carnival will gain access to the VIP area.

Each semester, donors and their honorees will be invited to attend a pledge recognition event. During an event last December, as many as 75 faculty and staff were honored through I Pledge donations, Conroy said.

The goal is to raise $2,014 in student donations this year, Conroy said. Faculty and staff are also welcome to contribute; however, the Colonial Spirit Scholarship is funded primarily by students for the benefit of their peers.

Jamere Lawrence, 27, a Business major from West Philadelphia who is a candidate for graduation in May, said the new scholarship gives students a great way to acknowledge memorable teachers and staff members. Lawrence has made several pledges honoring staff members.

"These people have served as mentors, demonstrating leadership skills and life skills, helping me with problems either in the classroom or social settings, and showing me how to get things done," Lawrence said. "When I found out about I Pledge, I thought it was great because through leadership training, we learn that a good leader is someone who gives back."

Students from the Regional Centers can participate by making a make a pledge online, or by sending a check or money order made out to Community College of Philadelphia with I Pledge in the memo to: Office of Institutional Advancement, 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA19130. For more information, contact scholarships@ccp.edu or call 215-496-6182.